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Organic Products Bazaar in Addis, 12. and 13. April 2008

von steffen am 2008-04-12 10:07

7th Organic Products Bazaar in Addis Ababa
La Gare (Ethio-Djibouti Railway Station)
Saturday and Sunday
the 12. and 13. April 2008

Ecopia is inviting you for Organic Branch from 10 a.m. during our regular monthly Organic Bazaar that is organised in the Second Saturday of every month in Addis Ababa, since June 2007.

Products that will be sold at the bazaar include fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and processed organic products: organic pickles, jam, jellies and fruits.

Special offer during our /th Organic Branch/Bazaar are:
    1. Organic Jams, dry fruits, oats etc.
    2. Organic Fruit Wine: Pineapple, Guava, and Mango are also available during the Bazaar.
    3. On the request of our clients we will have also fresh organic cheese (Ricotta, Feta etc.)
    4. New moisturising face cream.
Besides, it will also retail several flavours of organic honey, candles made of beeswax, a range of organic cereals and pulses, organic spices and so on.

We are located at ôLA GARE Ethiopia-Djibouti TRAIN STATION (Turn left at the station and follow the road for 100m.)

More information about ECOPIA:
Our Address
or call Tel: 0115 54 61 40 or 0913421625

Dr. Mitslal Kifleyesus-Matschie

Report from the Apple day in Chencha (Ethiopia)

von steffen am 2008-04-09 11:27
by Theo Tesfaye

Dear Steffen
Thank you so much for your quick replay. I just came down the mountain on my way out to weliata (on the way to Addis) for the coming weekend. The Apple day went really well. Lots of people came from all over the country. We made them visit orchards and nurseries. They were all impressed by what they have seen.
We also had a panel discussion on the future of apple development. Plum jams of different mix with Mango and Banana were given to the gusts after lunch. They seem to love the taste of it. Many bought Jams and Apples to their friends home. We had our first harvest just before the Apple day so that the people can see how much yield we can get. We also wanted the people to see the different varieties of Apples there are. An NGO called SNV from the Netherlands helped us to do some advertisement on the television. The whole Ethiopia is talking about Apple this week.

What you are doing is great over in Germany. Keep up the good work and I hope the coffee ceremony went well. Karsten promised to raise some money to set up an echo-lodge. That is why I wanted his e-mail. The one he gave me while at Chencha does not work. I trust soon e- mail will work at Chencha. Then I will send you lots of pictures of the Apple day and other things so that you can put it on the web site.

Thank you for sending the address by for now

Production facility in Chencha

von steffen am 2008-04-09 11:30
Dear All ELJOJFE and Ecopia team and supporters,
We have now a design of the ECOPIA future production facility in Chencha desgined by our Architect Amanuel Kifleyesus, as you know he (my brother) has been in Chencha and visited our future production facility place. Amanuel was asked to design with the materials of the place and fulfill the requirements of HACCP and ISO for production facilities. As you can see he uses a lot of bambus that are Chencias main wood materials. Other aspects we would talk about.

We could organize a meeting with Amanuel to deal in detial aspects we could consider important. At this stage it would be enough for fundrasing from Japan and German goverments who have expressed their interest in supporting building production facilties Greetings to all

CrocoMangoRastaLand - Eljojofe visited Ecopia

von steffen am 2008-03-20 00:10
Eljojofe e.V. organized an info evening in January 2008.

Visit of supporters at Ecopia places

von steffen am 2008-01-07 10:55
We - a group of 12 - visited Ecopia in Addis and Chencha at Christmas time 2007. Find more about this trip on the Eljojofe-Supporters pages in the next days. Steffen

New house in Chencha has been rented

von steffen am 2008-01-09 12:37
01-12-2007 Chencha A house for fruit and cheese processing has been rented in Chencha. Steffen